Maharis Skin Care Comfort Cream

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A lightweight, hydrating cream that improves skin’s natural barrier & increases suppleness. Packed with active ingredients that are so potent and yet versatile to combine within’ your skincare routine.
The comforting formula soothes discomfort, locks hydration, and boost skin’s overall health.

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Active Ingredients :

Arginine – promotes the production of collagen and overall skin’s health and youthfulness.

Portulaca Oleracea Extract – Packed with skin-soothing properties and is a potent antioxidant as it has high amounts of vitamins A (as beta-carotene), C, and E (alpha-tocopherol) as well as other antioxidant compounds such as glutathione that also helps to brightens skin.

Nymphaea Alba – Protects the skin protein from getting damaged and also exert anti-aging effect and reduces wrinkles and fine lines formed due to aging. It may also reduce dark spots formed by hyperpigmentation from the skin.

1 review for Maharis Skin Care Comfort Cream

  1. Arkanda

    On my way to purchase the second jar! I use it both as a spot treatment untuk super dry area krn lihat IG story dr. Kevin but also even as all over primer before foundation because the texture reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury magic cream. Upon first application memang berasa kalau texture-nya tuh luxurious banget, quite moisturizing even untuk area yang super dry dan tend to crease tapi gak heavy. On my skin berasa velvety gitu, idk how they do it but they’ve done a good job on this one and even better karena secara harga dan availability ofc lebih terjangkau dibanding CT atau luxury cream lainnya.

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